wow, okay, uh, …

wow, okay, uh, something I like? have to be honest, I’m not really that active in the “artsy” scene, so even if I see images I like, I don’t usually remember them. but my passion is video games. so, my favorite artist is probably the current Persona character designer, Shigenori Soejima. his artwork is lovely and clean, and he has a nice sense of individuality, and personality in design. 

so, I guess I really like this picture, from his artbook.


it’s a picture of a character from Persona 3 named Aigis, who is a robot, not a human. she looks like both, showing her desire to become human and understand human emotions and thoughts. I just really like the lightness in both her colors and her pose. it’s a rare lightheaded picture of her. her stern personality is shown by how clean and neat she is, but her growing humanity is shown by her gentle face and expression, and the slight messiness invading her, such as the tear on her leg. just. yeah. 

okay, that’s it.



One thought on “wow, okay, uh, …

  1. Great example, I am interested in learning about what interests you have in your own art world. There is so much out there, so it’s no surprise that we find things that aren’t necessarily our cup of tea. This is a great design in that it proves that design exists is several facets of our worlds. As designers, it is more important that we recognize the use of the principles and elements of design, rather than where we recognize it. Welcome to the class! Great thoughts, thanks.

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