some of these aren’t pictures I took myself, as I don’t have a camera right now. the first nine of them are. after that, they’re old family photos that caught my eye, and it’s really not surprising that most of them have my little brother in them; I have a bit of a sibling complex and my little brother and I are really close. he’s also just super photogenic. do you see him, man? what a rockstar.

I guess I just stopped to look at them because of the angles and the movement in them, along with the patterns in the backgrounds. I don’t really like posed photos much, either, but the old photos just had this really surreal, haunting quality to them, knowing that a lot of them are from when my biological mother was young, or are full of people who are gone now, in a place I’ll never be able to see the same way they did. it’s pretty weird to think about when you actually let yourself. 

thinking about line was also really weird. it’s funny how a lot of the pictures I find appealing are kind of odd, but always have very particular shapes in the back, squares and angles and tile patterns. symmetry in the back to offset the constant asymmetry of movement and the people in the picture? maybe, I don’t know.

in reference to the pictures I took, I just tried to look for pictures people didn’t really know I was taking, or just weren’t paying attention, or were moving. there wasn’t really a lot of thought, just sort of a, “wow, I really like this, I wonder if this works?” so, yeah. that’s all I can really think to say. the animals are from the, uh, Wild Animal Park. Safari Zone. whatever it’s called right now. 

there sure are a lot of pictures of my siblings.


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