project (slideshow)



i think my slideshow turned out a little more confusing than i’d have liked but, despite that, i do actually like how it ended up. it was much different from what i thought it would be and, in typical me fashion, became incredibly surreal. 

the song i picked is “akai coat” by suneohair which fit the mood of the whole thing more than the lyrics, but i supposed the lyrics are good too. it’s about how, when i was younger, i really hated being dark. my biological mother and grandmother were both blonde, and my mother had blue eyes. so i really resented my hispanic genes, and it took a long time to finally be able to look in the mirror and smile at myself. this slideshow is supposed to be, like–a magical realism type look into what happened?(!) 

(this is not actually what happened, but it was a much prettier scenario than the years it took too accept myself.)

anyway, i tried to make it look colder and childish and blurrier in the beginning to fit with that sort of immature, can’t really look at yourself clearly, type feeling, which is why at first it looks like utter shit! and then when the sparkles (poorly explained–they come from her, or my, imaginings of what ‘ideal women’ look like) appear and everything gets warmer and weirder and much more nicely drawn. it also is when coloured pencils show up, making for neater colouring and less mess(?). debatably. but that’s what i was going for. 

so she goes to this strange, warm, heavenish place, and sees herself in one of the golden balls of light hanging around and sees that when she’s shining, she’s beautiful, and it makes her cry because wow she’s happy and how corny. anyway, she sees herself as pretty in the end and smiles and tosses out the photo she had of what she held herself up to, meaning she has the self-confidence, fragile as it may be, to stand on her own. yay! this is such a corny slideshow but i had so much fun working on it, hahah.

contrary to how this looks, i’ve been working on it this whole time and have only finished 10 minutes ago, HAH. go, me. 

anyway, yeah. i rambled too much.